Monday, September 7, 2009 much awesomeness to express)

Holy Cow and a half!  Have I got some news.

First of all, guess who's starting to work here:

on Wednesday. Here's a hint, it's me!  I've been in love with Quimby's since I first arrived in Chicago six years ago, and now I get to work behind the scenes.  I sure hope I don't suck at my job, because I'm expecting to learn a lot from it, and hoping to put a lot of energy into it as well, so I'd like to keep it for a long while.

Also guess who's playing their first show outside of my living room?

These guys!

Here's the flier:
 If you do the math, that's the day after the Windy City Comicon.  That's gonna be a CRAZY weekend.

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