Friday, April 27, 2012

mocca occa occa occa

Do you love alternative comics?
Do you live in New York City?
Do you have the weekend free?
(alternately, do you remember me from college and want to tell me off to my face?)
I'll be at the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art Fest this weekend!
I'll be tabling with SAM SHARPE & LIZ PRINCE, and tabling next to KENAN RUBENSTEIN & JOSH SHALEK!
The website has a full exhibitor list, along with the table assignments (I'm at table i-7), hours and show costs.
Come by, say hi.  I happily accept vegan baked goods for exchange for just about anything.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

who am i kidding who am i foolin' when they say "what's up neil brideau" and i say "coolin'?"

Lemme tell you I've been a busy Brideau.

Since the last post in Mar...DECEMBER?  Ah jeeze.


Since the last post in December, the Chicago Zine Fest has come and gone.  Organizing it was a lot of hard work, and sleepless nights, but I think it all worked out in the end.  We had over 200 zinesters exhibit, and over 1,000 attendees check out the fest. I had a real blast organizing the fest with my co-organizers.  The weekend (and the months leading up to it) are such a blur now, that it's difficult for me to really reflect on the experience.
CZF T-Shirt Design by Lilli Carré

Organizing a successful event the size of the zine fest takes a commitment beyond even a part time job (which is what I used to compare it to), I basically abandoned any other projects I was working on, and eliminated most of my social life (which was pretty small to begin with).  Because of the work load, and having a lot of other projects I want to get to, I decided early on to not be an organizer for the 2013 Chicago Zine Fest.  But I'm sure the fest will be better than ever in 2013 in the capable hands of the remaining organizers, Leslie, Jen, Heather & Johnny, and whoever they end up adding to the mix.  And I'm excited to finally experience the fest from the outside, attend the events, volunteer & possibly exhibit.

What projects am I so eager to put my mitts on?  Well, I'm so glad you asked...

As ridiculous as this might sound, I'm...actually...organizing another small press show.


I said, I'm actually organizing another small press show.  I know, I just said I was burnt out on organizing, but this show is also going to be awesome!  It's CAKE!  The Chicago Alternative Comics Expo! It will take place June 16 & 17, at 1104 S Wabash here in Chicago.  The exhibitor list will be released in the next couple of days, and it is off the chain.  More info on that in future blog posts I wont have time to write.
CAKE Banner by Laura Park (check out the allium motif!)

In comics news, I'm working on the Plot #2, currently in the lettering stage but other projects (like the ones mentioned before and after the Plot) are getting in the way.  I really wanted to have this done by MoCCA (which takes place in New York City on April 28 & 29, where I will be sharing a table with Sam Sharpe and Liz Prince!)
BUT, unless I get fired and don't have to work anymore, I probably will not be able to ink the issue's 40 pages in 24 days.  I don't know why I wrote the word "probably." Instead I am going to try to have oh boy, COMICS! #2 done ready for MoCCA, hopefully without it getting stolen this time.

I am working on other comics projects:
Handout Comics #2 is a comic Sam Sharpe and I have compiled for Free Comic Book Day (May 5th).  It will feature brand new comics by 11 Chicago-based comics artists, and it will be absolutely, positively, 100% free, and available at the better (based on the completely biased opinion of me and Sam) comic book shops in Chicagoland.  Each of the artists will also be given a bunch of copies, so you can hassle them for a copy.  I'll post the list of the artsits once the comic actually goes to the printer (which if the planets align will be tomorrow).

Ro-Cor comics is a project Sam got me involved in.  It's kind of a convoluted process, which I'll explain later (seriously, guys, you should NOT write blog posts at 2:30 in the morning).   I'm excited to be a part of this project, which is inspired by the creative process of Roger Corman.  If all goes according to plan, it'll debut at SPX.  BUT WAIT!  THERE'S MORE!  and by more I mean another anthology I'm going to be a part of that should debut at SPX:

If you have bionic macro-optic eyeballs, check out that list of contributors!  Oh I guess you can also CLICK on the image (if you don't have bionic macro-optic eyeballs), and it'll get bigger or something.  I don't understand these computer boxes, am I right, Detective Dan Stark?

Sorry, I got distracted.  How did I get in this line up? Guys!  Berke Brethead is contributing?! Renee French?!  Ayun Halliday?! Brian Ralph?!  Come on, guys.  Here's a thumbnail from my story, which is completely written, just needs to be drawn:

I'm sure I'm forgetting some other news, or other projects I'm working on.  I've used every image that was sitting on my desktop, so I guess not. I gotta post more frequently, and more lucidly.

Chocolate chip cookies!