Monday, August 31, 2009

You tell 'em, Charles "The Ox" Reiser! There's some hard work going on around my drafting table.  I had to halt production on Alpha City Comics, Issue Two (ACC #2 for those in the know), in order to meet a deadline for a comic that'll be in an anthology debuting at SPX (more on that LeightR).  Not only did I meet the deadline, I BEAT it!  So now I'm back on the ACC train, and barrelling through, since yesterday morning, I've completed three pages, and am on schedule to complete two more today!  My plan is to print the comic on the 14th, so I pretty much got two weeks to get it done.  But I'm gonna try to beat this deadline too.  We'll see what happens.

I think that's anything else to say, Ox?


Anonymous said...

so are these panels from acc2 or the anthology piece? i can't wait to read it, whatever it is.

neil-brideau said...

They're from the anthology piece. The anthology is called Pinstriped Bloodbath. I'll have ACC #2 with me at SPX, and the anthology's debuting there too, so fear not, you'll get to see them soon.