Thursday, September 17, 2009

why is ed mad?

 Why is Ed mad?

Is it because this woman is talking on her phone while ordering an espresso?  Is it because she is using poor grammar?  Is it because Ed's store, Century Repair and Supplies is not a coffee shop?  OR IS IT BECAUSE I MISSED MY DEADLINE TO FINISH DRAWING ALPHA CITY COMICS ISSUE TWO?!

Consider that my official "kicking myself in the butt" moment.  I missed the deadline by three days, but I set the deadline with a buffer, to guarantee the comic would be ready for the Windy City Comicon on Saturday (the drawing is done, everything's been printed, all I have to do now is bind the books).  Really, anything is better than last year, when I was still drawing the cover of issue one hours before the comicon.

in other news:
(or "you can't have varying degrees of flawlessness") 
In anticipation of the Windy City Comicon, the good folks at the Onion's AV Club decided to highlight  the "most flawless" and "most troubling" comics from a few of the con's exhibiting publishers.  Short Pants Press was honored with a mention. Sarah Becan's Ignatz nominated Ouija Interviews was listed their "most flawless," and my Sock-Monster collection, In Anticipation of Hugs was listed as their "most troubling."  It's probably my favorite Sock-Monster review to date.  I promise I'll be drawing more "grayish hellscapes" soon.


kenan rubenstein said...

neil, this is totally amazing, even if the last sentence of that review is patently absurd. i show sock-monster to everyone, and it's a total crowd-pleaser, grayish hellscapes and all. i'm eagerly anticipating your next "lsd-induced nightmare."

p.s.: (is l.s.d. vegan?)

neil-brideau said...

I have no idea if LSD is vegan, it's been so long since I made it. Thanks for your kind words, I'll see you in a few days in Bethesda!!