Friday, September 25, 2009


this is what I'm really thinking about

Tomorrow morning I'm jumping in a car with Jeff Zwirek (whose anthology Pinstriped Bloodbath will debut there -I have a piece in there), his brother and Sam Sharpe, and heading down to Bethesda, Maryland for the Small Press Expo!

At one point, SPX's organizers talked about having some of its returning volunteers (including me) write about creators they were excited to see at the show.  I started several of them, but nothing ever materialized, so I deleted what I had written.  There's really too much awesomeness to write about in advance.  I promise to write a recap.

Sock-Monster wont be updating until Tuesday.

I am definitely excited to return to Sticky Fingers Bakery for breakfast cinnamon rolls.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

back to life!

It feels like I've been running on hyper-drive lately, and have missed a few important posts.

Alpha City Comics Issue Two has been published!  It's big, blue, and AWESOME!  I'll be posting it for sale soon on both Etsy and from the well.  I'm really happy with how it turned out, and I hope you enjoy it too.  Kevin and I will be launching a website soon, that will publish Alpha City pages twice a week.

Windy City Comicon was this past weekend.  It was lots of fun. I got to meet a number of really neat people, both from behind my table and in front of others'.

There are a ton of amazing comics events happening in Chicago in the upcoming couple of months, take a look on the right side of the screen.  If you live in Chicago, go to these events.  If you don't live in Chicago, move here!

As you can see below this post, I've started drawing Sock-Monster comics again.  They'll be coming out fairly regularly now, as I write new print comics.  I'll try my hardest to not let print comics obstruct Sock-Monster's schedule.

sock-monster #590

Thursday, September 17, 2009

why is ed mad?

 Why is Ed mad?

Is it because this woman is talking on her phone while ordering an espresso?  Is it because she is using poor grammar?  Is it because Ed's store, Century Repair and Supplies is not a coffee shop?  OR IS IT BECAUSE I MISSED MY DEADLINE TO FINISH DRAWING ALPHA CITY COMICS ISSUE TWO?!

Consider that my official "kicking myself in the butt" moment.  I missed the deadline by three days, but I set the deadline with a buffer, to guarantee the comic would be ready for the Windy City Comicon on Saturday (the drawing is done, everything's been printed, all I have to do now is bind the books).  Really, anything is better than last year, when I was still drawing the cover of issue one hours before the comicon.

in other news:
(or "you can't have varying degrees of flawlessness") 
In anticipation of the Windy City Comicon, the good folks at the Onion's AV Club decided to highlight  the "most flawless" and "most troubling" comics from a few of the con's exhibiting publishers.  Short Pants Press was honored with a mention. Sarah Becan's Ignatz nominated Ouija Interviews was listed their "most flawless," and my Sock-Monster collection, In Anticipation of Hugs was listed as their "most troubling."  It's probably my favorite Sock-Monster review to date.  I promise I'll be drawing more "grayish hellscapes" soon.

Monday, September 7, 2009 much awesomeness to express)

Holy Cow and a half!  Have I got some news.

First of all, guess who's starting to work here:

on Wednesday. Here's a hint, it's me!  I've been in love with Quimby's since I first arrived in Chicago six years ago, and now I get to work behind the scenes.  I sure hope I don't suck at my job, because I'm expecting to learn a lot from it, and hoping to put a lot of energy into it as well, so I'd like to keep it for a long while.

Also guess who's playing their first show outside of my living room?

These guys!

Here's the flier:
 If you do the math, that's the day after the Windy City Comicon.  That's gonna be a CRAZY weekend.