Friday, September 25, 2009


this is what I'm really thinking about

Tomorrow morning I'm jumping in a car with Jeff Zwirek (whose anthology Pinstriped Bloodbath will debut there -I have a piece in there), his brother and Sam Sharpe, and heading down to Bethesda, Maryland for the Small Press Expo!

At one point, SPX's organizers talked about having some of its returning volunteers (including me) write about creators they were excited to see at the show.  I started several of them, but nothing ever materialized, so I deleted what I had written.  There's really too much awesomeness to write about in advance.  I promise to write a recap.

Sock-Monster wont be updating until Tuesday.

I am definitely excited to return to Sticky Fingers Bakery for breakfast cinnamon rolls.

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kenan rubenstein said...

if you bring me a cinnamon roll i will love you forever and ever.