Monday, October 31, 2011

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****EDIT: I wanted to let folks know MIX is FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC THIS WEEKEND 10-5 Sat & Sun****
November 5 & 6 I will be exhibiting at the Minneapolis Indie Expo! I'm really excited for this show, last year's inaugural MIX was a highlight of the 2010 con/fest/expos I went to.  The folks up there in Minnesota are quite nice, and they seem to have a really supportive community of comics makers up there.  Something we seemed to notice last year was the number of folks who showed up to the show who said they weren't really into comics, but wanted to check the show out anyway.  That's a really pleasant difference from a lot of other comics shows or zine fests.

I'm excited to be able to show off the Plot #1 to more folks.  I'm also going to be debuting issue #2 of oh boy, COMICS!, my odds-and-ends anthology.  It will be about half the size of the ridiculously sized #1 (which itself may soon get a bit of a trim and rearrangement of material), but it's full of exciting stuff you probably haven't seen.

I'm excited too, because I'll be crashing at the home of Raighne & Meghan Hogan, two top-notch comics kids with whom I stayed last year (and then in March, Raighne crashed with me for the Chicago Zine Fest).  I'm excited to explore some new vegan options in the city.  I'll also be checking out on of the Twin Cities' two Roller Derby leagues, the North Star Roller Girls (I'm rooting for Minneapolis' other Roller Derby League, the Minnesota Roller Girls in the following weekend's WFTDA Championships)!  

So if you're near the Twin Cities come by the Minneapolis Indie Expo, I'll be at table 51 hanging out with fellow Chicagoans, Sam Sharpe, Corinne Mucha, and Sarah Becan.