Saturday, July 17, 2010

sock-monster #600!

This is the 600th Sock-Monster comic to be uploaded to!  

This would have been more exciting if this post had been made on schedule in May of 2008.  No point to dwell on poorly updated webcomics.  If every webcomic artist made a blog post lamenting unexpected hiatuses (I was really hoping the plural would have been hiati), the internet would crash.

That being said I am really excited and energized for this run of Sock-Monster comics.  The latest series of comics started just two weeks ago, but making new Sock-Monsters has fit easily into my schedule, and I'm enjoying drawing them, and I hope you're enjoying reading them.  I should hit #700 in February if I stay consistent with my output.  If anyone wants to keep my feet to the flames, feel free to do so.


jonny the homicidal drummer said...

I saw you in an article about stumptown and said"thats the guy fromthe place where things happen often...Quimby's!"

love your stuff
I'm about 150 in on sock monster
he is the best
but my eyes are hurting
also you should kill capitol man

neil-brideau said...

Thanks Jon! Don't worry, Capitol Man will get his soon. He's not going to die, but someone's going to steal his library card and rack up a bunch of late fees on it. That'll show him...right?

And yeah, Quimby's is great!