Monday, September 27, 2010

indie comics connection to science

I don't know if you're aware of it, but the Museum of Science and Industry here in Chicago is looking for a roommate.  If you'd like to be considered for the position, build a time machine, go back to when they were accepting applications, and apply.  You might win, you will have had just built a time machine, that's kinda sciencey.

  Something I've found interesting (and further proof that I need to have a life outside of comics) is that two notable applicants have ties to the indie comics world:

1. The contestant whose applicant video won the museum's "Best Sets and Choreography Thereof Award," Davin Coburn had help from Johnny Hiro creator, Fred Chao for his video (he slaps up the clouds and is dressed up like a robot, and I'm sure helped build the sets & props, he's a good dude).

2.  One of the five finalists, Kate McGroaty is the current roommate of Corinne Mucha (author of My Alaskan Summer, My Every Single Thought, and Is It The Future Yet).

  Corinne assures me Kate is the person for the job, and apparently you can vote once a day for the duration of voting.  Check out the finalists and vote for the Kate you think should win (sorry other finalists, maybe if your current roommate was a friend whose comics I admire, and they told me to vote for you, I'd vote for you).  Corinne vaguely promised some sort of "a museum stole my roommate" comic out of Kate's winning, if that's not motivation enough, you've never read Corinne's comics.

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