Saturday, August 14, 2010

mix one week!

I'm about to bind my new comic, Oh Boy, Comics! #1, above is a photo of 20 copies of the comic waiting to get cut, folded, sewn and then attached to the cover (yet to be determined how thread? glue?). Each cover will have an original drawing and the title will be hand written.  It's 7 signatures, full of 106 pages of comics!  

The comic will be debuting at the Minneapolis Indie Xpo (or MiX) next Saturday at the Soap Factory.

I'm really excited about the other exhibitors at MiX! Justin Madson, Sarah Becan, Aaron Renier, Sam Sharpe, 2D Cloud, Sparkplug Comic Books, B.T. Livermore, Evan Dahm, Ed Choy Moorman, Sean Lynch,  Ian McDuffie, John Porcellino, Chris Yates, Lale Westvind, Noah Van Schiver, Tom Kaczynski, and all the folks I haven't met yet!

I'm having all my original Sock-Monster buttons reprinted, hopefully they'll be done in time.  I'll have all my other comics for sale, and a the free comic, Seven Weeks, which I wrote for the post-apocalyptic reading I participated in at Matilda's earlier this summer.

And last, but not necessarily least, the Donut Cooperative will be there selling doughnuts, including...VEGAN DOUGHNUTS!  If I wasn't already planning to exhibit at the show, I would have signed up with that anouncement. Seriously folks, if you ever want me to do something, and I'm resisting, get your hands on some vegan doughnuts, I'll do pretty much anything for you.

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