Friday, July 3, 2009

summer reading recap

Last night was the zine reading/fair at the Fun House, and it was AWESOME! All the readings were super super sweet, and I ended up going last, which made me really nervous. I enlarged copies of pages from What is This? and read it out loud with sound effects, and a funny voice for Lucy, the alien. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Then I traded for a bunch of zines, and a couple of folks insisted on giving me money for my comics, so I made back about half of the printing costs, which was an added bonus I wasn't planning for.

I'll add it to my "I Just Wanna Draw Comics Fund" savings account I'm gonna try to reopen today.

I've got the day off from work, so I'm running some errands, and then heading down to Hyde Park to have a drawing date with Ryan Alexander-Tanner. I'm drawing my page for the Windy City Comicon program, which is a full-sized comic book, with each creator getting a page. I'm also working on Alpha City Comics #2, I'm 10% done with penciling the book.


Ryan Claytor said...

Hi Neil,

I found you through a series of interrelated interweb locations, starting around a site called "Library Thing" where you listed one of my books. Now I am here catching up on your bloggings.

The comic book reading mentioned in this post sounded pretty sweet. I must admit, I've never been to a comic book reading before. I wish I could have been there to experience your female extraterrestrial voice. That sounds like it would have been a doozy.

Anyhow, thanks for mentioning my work. I am currently in Africa for another couple weeks, but, for what its worth, I will return to the U-nited States for Comic-Con Int'l in San Diego at the end of the month. I'll have some new books and schwag to debut there if you'll be around. It'd be great to meet you in person.

Take care,
Ryan Claytor
Elephant Eater Comics

neil said...

Hey Ryan,

Thanks for posting, congratulations on your super sleuthing. Are you in Africa just to eat elephants?

We actually met when you did a signing at Quimby's on your tour from California to Michigan, and I gave you a hastily constructed print copy of my Right Hand Diaries.

I wont be at Comicon, but best of luck, your stuff is totally worth picking up!